Primula Gigas - Himalayan Meadow Primrose

Primula Gigas - Himalayan Meadow Primrose


Primula Gigas is one of my favourite varieties of the Primula family. It’s not necessarily as spectacular as say some of the other Candelabras like Millers Crimson or Alba in that it is a little smaller. It also doesn’t have the blanket appeal of say the traditional Primulas like Veris or Vulgaris as it is particular in its setting. It is probably for these reasons oddly that it’s such a great plant, it needs a bit more attention but when it does it doesn’t disappoint.

Best planting position:  Waterside or heavy moist soil

The best position is moist ground, or I like to think marginal boggy. In the right conditions it really does flourish both by self-seeding and multiplying. Within a couple of years Gigas can populate a good size area from only a handful of plants.

Flowering Colour:  Bright Magenta-pink

The most striking element is the stunning flowers that really do pop out at you and form a fantastic display when the plants are in a cluster. The leaves are also very luxuriant and smaller than some of the candelabra cousins. The flowers are the real statement and aren’t distracted by large cabbage like leaves.

Sowing & Planting time:

As Gigas is a moisture lover you can get away with planting at any time apart I guess from real extremes. Let’s face it planting in the snow regardless would be a thankless task!

Flowering time:

You can get 2 flower showings depending on the plant being spring and sometimes late summer. Don’t count on the late flowering and if you do get this it is likely not to be a full spread across all of the plants. The spring show is majestic and striking and in some ways like the Vulgaris is a wonderful entrance to the joys of summer ahead.


The Gigas self seeds and spreads wonderfully. I like to dead head when the seeds are ready and shake them in the location or spread I want to achieve. If that job drops to the bottom of the list and I miss it, it doesn’t matter the plants do well themselves.

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