' No Time to Plant Seeds? We have the Answer! ' PLUG PLANTS

' No Time to Plant Seeds? We have the Answer! ' PLUG PLANTS

These small plants can prevent you time and money if you would like to have colour and variety in your garden and even inside your home this year.

If you don’t have the time, equipment or space to Plant seeds, there's still time to purchase these wonderful Plug Plants that can cost you far less than the mature versions you would be buying.

Plug Plants are small-plants and can essentially be put into your indoor space, this means that you won’t have to invest in seed trays or fine seed compost because you have already been provided with that head start.

If you have a frost-free Greenhouse or enough space indoors, you could put up hanging baskets and containers with Plug Plants, giving them plenty of room to develop and put down new roots. These Plants are little babies so will need some TLC and gentle handling before you place them outside.

Plug Plants arrive in their own CELL of soil and take away the work of thinning out seedlings from trays and more then often careful transplanting that is required to put them on. These Plants risk less root disturbance. Because of this you would generally only need to transfer the Plant into larger pot when you receive it.

Some Plants are very difficult to grow from seeds which makes these Plug Plants a fantastic way of bringing your garden and home to life. "NOT GREEN FINGERED" you say, well with the Plug Plants that has no relevance. These are for everyone!

Happy Gardening!

Dartana Plants :)


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